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Q2 Cloud Villas

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The project is coming up in a locality which has own advantages of city community living. Q2 cloud villas is located adjacent to Q1signature villa project and near Sadbhavana world School. You can feel the beauty of nature from Q2 Cloud villas. Providing luxury facilities. We will have a feeling that we are very close to nature.
Specialty –


  •  cloud villas – 43 cloud villas in 1 acre of land


  •  Feel like a villa and having enough space.


  •  Exclusive and multipurpose lobby (Separate lift usage), ventilated lobby in ground floor


  •  Fully centralised AC


  •  More areas are covered with glass for getting more view of 360-degree


  •  Separate two balcony gardens


  •  World class amenities like hanging gym, infinity pool, water body, coffee shop etc


  •  Lush greenery,


  •  Architectural landscaping designed beautifully


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