Dream. Dream a little dream of a home. Dream of a home at the perfect place. And then dream of you in it. This said home of your dreams, we help you build. They say sky is the limit. But as far as we are concerned, our imagination spans even beyond the skies. And our team, we are the ones you can head to, to build the perfectly ideal home – Your home.


Moving away? Not a problem. We offer you matchless service of an option to resell your property. You can associate with our customer relations department to let us know your intention to resell with the price you would like to quote for your property. Sit back and we will do the rest. Also we will see to it that you get a good appreciation on your property. Service charges will also be applicable.


As our most valued customer, we make it a point to ensure you have all your comforts, luxury and peace of mind that comes from being the proud owner of your Q home.

Our on-site maintenance team will be available round-the-clock to keep your living space in immaculate condition at all times. Our regular check of your property includes security surveillance, upkeep of all appliances, minor repairs and payment of utility bills among many others.


Q Interiors is a locally owned and operated home décor boutique that offers world class interior designing solutions to both commercial and residential environments .Our professional experiences have helped us appreciate the importance of customer satisfaction, style, value consciousness and global influence in everything we design.

Being an experienced Interior designing Agency in India, we feel very fortunate to be in a position to support the local community, and are very humbled by the support the clients has shown us in return. Our professional experiences have helped us to learn the best and offer the best to our customers who supported us in our long run. We trust you will find our business one that you can develop a long lasting and successful relationship with as we all grow into the future.