20 Easy Decorating Ideas to Makeover a Room in a Day

Posted On November 9, 2017 | by Qdeveloper | in Decorating ideas

We are all some days stuck up in a dry looking room thinking, ‘Is this really where I live?’ Some rooms sure will do great if given a helping hand.

I too was pondering as to where to look for some cool home decorating ideas. Surprisingly, I recently came across some really stunning home decorating ideas for small homes. Here are 5 Things To Consider When You Are Buying Your First Home. And, I wanted to share 18 of those awesome home decorating ideas with you. 

Here they are:

1. Add Pot Plants

Indoor pot plants

Do buy a few attractive indoor pot plants and even indoor trees to arrange them aesthetically. Cacti are spot on trendy nowadays and could immediately change a plain space. Here are some Effective Home Gardening Tips To Increase Home Values

2. Revive Your Storage Space

How well is your storage space working? If not, think about buying a few new storage boxes and baskets to bring in some more order. Labeling every box can be a great fun way of finding your stuff easily.

3. Add a Rug

This will support well with the spaces in a room. Don’t be afraid to deposit rugs (wool patterned above a sisal rug looks amazing), or just use them as wall hangings if you have the space.

4. Invest in Table Lamps

Table lamp

The soft light will dispense a pleasing glow in the evenings. To enable small spaces seem bigger use a lot of mirrors to reflect light in all the areas. Here are eight plus ways to brighten your home

5. Revive your wall

Play with pictures to make the walls stand out. If you have more space, place some pictures together to make a strong visual effect.

6. One new Feature Wall

Change the color of one wall to highlight the season or use new wallpaper.

Check out applying one coat of paint or use the easy-to-apply ones to save as much time.

7. Switch Your Drapes

Choose to lightweight sheers during summer and warmer, textured materials such as velvet for those cooler months to add fresh appeal as the season transforms.

8. Sofa gets a makeover

Sofa gets a makeover

Invest in some striking throws and cushions to enhance your old sofa.

9. Replace the Handles

Transform old storage spaces by replacing the handles on cabinets and doors. Be wild and try some quirky doorknobs, this your chance to get bold!

10. Think Texture and Tone

Always remember about tone and texture while decorating. This could give a room a new dimension, try it out!

11. Change the Colours

Add in-trend colours to an existing room. Accessories, throws and cushions, must change periodically according to the season’s choice of colour scheme that will refresh rooms easily.

12. Hide Old Furniture

Most of us have heirlooms like an old table which is bad to look. Just cover the table with a stunning tablecloth to change the look.

13. Organise the Accessories

Play with logic and illusion well, for example if you have similar looking candlesticks or twin vases, place them together.

14. Renovate the Shelf

Renovate the Shelf

Wallpaper or paint an existing shelf unit and see the difference it can make. If you go for a dark shade it will show off your accessories and books well.

15.Tablecloth that Speaks Out

Use a boldly printed or any bright coloured tablecloth that can change the decor of the room.

16. Fun with Rearranging

If time and space helps you, try moving the sofa to a better place.

17.Instant Makeovers

For a quick simple and affordable transformation, change your old lights – maybe dimmer or warm lights, add some fresh flower and let the music play – ambiance recreated instantly

18. Mats and Carpets


If you live in a cooler or warm place, it’s better to invest in a good Kashmir carpet to lend a slight royal touch to a light toned floor.

19. Vase

A simple vase could transform your room remarkably giving a aristocratic charm if that’s your thing, or you could try something trendy.

20. Colours

Play with all the colours you like to suit your room in an aesthetic way.

Come back for more easy home decorating ideas from our blog, if you have similar home decorating ideas for small homes do send in your valuable suggestions to our comments below. Here are 10 Simple Ways To Secure Your Home 

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